Mountain Sounds Festival

Mountain Sounds Festival is such a beautiful blend of music, art, and culture.
I absolutely loved not only attending the festival (RUFUS, hermitude, DMAs,
c'mon... it was awesome) but I also loved contributing to the vibes as an artist!

Spirit Lead Me

Compass design and script for Dayspring Church's women's conference.

Filled with Flowers

"Life is short, so it should be filled with flowers." - Ma Mére



City Alight

City Alight are a group of musicians, songwriters, and producers who create music 
that is biblically rich with simple and beautiful melodies.
I was fortunate enough to collaborate with their team to
create the typography and artwork for their new album Only A Holy God.

RAW Sydney's VERVE Showcase

On the 14th October I took part in another of RAW's group Showcases in Sydney!
The showcases RAW hold are always buzzing with excitement, talent, and a passion
for the arts. It is always such a joy exhibiting with them! 


Flower Crown Workshop

Flower crown workshops are fast becoming one of my favourite things!
The results are always stunning and so unique for each person!
I loved being able to teach Amelia and her beautiful friends
how to make flower crowns last weekend. 


COMMUNE exhibition


Imagine the most wonderful, motivating work environment.
Times it by 10: You end up with Shootsta
It was so awesome to add to this environment with some wall murals!

Entering the Archibald

I had the opportunity to create the portrait of the incredibly talented comedian and
breakfast radio host presenter Matt Okine as my entry into the Archibald Prize.


Mr & Mrs

Little type details at evenst like weddings can add such beautiful hand-made
touches! I made this "Mr & Mrs" sign for Sally and Ben's beautiful wedding.


Sol & Beau

A little while back I had the pleasure of creating flower crowns
for Solandra and Beau. Their stunning Lake Macquarie wedding was 
absolutely beautiful.


The Last Exposure

The Last Exposure are a four piece Alternative rock band from Sydney.
They have an incredible sound and amazing personalities. Recently they 
stepped in front of my camera for a day full of laughs and unique creativity.